Southwest Church Planting

Our purpose is to gather, encourage, support and train leaders to plant healthy reproductive churches. We support church planting leaders through assessment centers, church planter gatherings, training and most of all... friendship. If you have questions, please contact us!  We'd love to connect with you.

SWCP hosts church planter Forums where you can gather with others who "get it" and enjoy support, training, camaraderie and...a complimentary lunch. We bring in speakers who are passionate about training and encouraging planters. Join us for a time of refreshing with a no-guilt/no-competition vibe! See our upcoming event calendar or contact Kathi Allen, Church Planting Administrator.


We Support Church Planters:

  • Assessment

Planting a church can be a staggering task. It requires unique gifts, skills, flexibility, drive, calling and experiences that are different from an established church. Some who would thrive in an established church might wither in a church plant. Assessment is an invaluable and objective tool for discovering whether you are called, qualified and gifted to be lead pastor of a church plant or whether you might have another unique role in church planting. It also helps church planters understand their weak points and develop plans to address them. Email Eric Oleson, SWCP Director and Assessment Coordinator

  • Coaching

At SWCP, we're big on coaching. Why? Because a planter starts down the planting road on a team of one—himself. He doesn’t have an elder board yet and often lacks support of an existing church to guide and encourage him. For a time, he is the church. A godly and experienced coach provides that seasoned wisdom, objective perspective and Barnabas factor—the ability to encourage and draw out the best in a planter. Interested in coaching? Email SWCP Coaching Director Gary Comer.

  • Training & Support

Throughout the year, SWCP provides plenty of opportunity for training. Whether it's an after-Forum workshop or an all day training session, you'll find strength for the journey here.